Clive Barker: IMAGINER Art Book Special Pre-Order Price

The Clive Barker: IMAGINER art book is now available for a limited time at a special pre-order price of $85.00 on the Century Guild website.

Book cover mockup
Book cover mockup

The IMAGINER Kickstarter campaign received a HUGE outpouring of support from Clive Barker fans everywhere, but we’ve been contacted by so many people that missed out on supporting the project who want to make sure they get a copy before we sell out! So we are offering a special pre-order price of $85.00 to all of the Clive Barker fans who love his artwork. The book will retail for $100 upon its official release in August 2014. To reserve your copy, click on the link below.


Special news for Edition Print completists!

Something that we’re fortunate to experience at Century Guild is being able to physically handle the amount of extraordinary presentations by the finest artists of the last 150 years.  The Clive Barker: Imaginer poster and catalog (and shirt!) were inspired by the aesthetic of Cocteau’s era, for the Definitive Edition Prints we’ve reached back a bit earlier for a special idea.

Before the days of television, people collected prints and would flip through them either alone or with friends as both entertainment and relaxation.  Carefully studying the works allowed for deeper understanding of both the art content, and the finesse of the printmaking itself.  Conversations and even societies were created around this romantic pasttime.

Once your collection reached a certain number, some printmakers offered bindings for your collection, and others would offer special rewards for subscribers- prints unavailable for sale separately that were offered only to devoted completists.

With this late 19th century idea in mind, we are proud to share the following as special rewards for all collectors who complete the set of all 12 of the 2014 Clive Barker Definitive Edition Prints:

  • A FREE, UNIQUE THIRTEENTH PRINT.  What image?  This is where it gets even more interesting- you will have your choice of ANY IMAGE from the IMAGINER book not scheduled for the 2015 series.  This print will be an “edition of one”, signed by Clive Barker, and the same size and format of the other twelve prints.  You must have purchased all twelve of the edition prints from Century Guild to receive this thirteenth print AT NO CHARGE.
  • A BEAUTIFUL, LIMITED EDITION PAPER FOLIO COVER.  We don’t have this designed yet, so I can’t give you details, but our inspiration is coming from the Miethke Folio paper covers issued for the important and rare Gustav Klimt lithographs from 1908-1914 (see below).  Either letterpress or silkscreen, we will create something decadent and beautiful to house the full set of THIRTEEN 2014 Clive Barker Definitive Edition Prints.

Our mission is to present the work of Clive Barker in a boutique manner in line with the finest artists of any century, and are applying the same attention to detail and quality that we see in the presentations of the rare and expensive antique works that we sell at Century Guild.  We are very excited about this folio and consider it a new, raised benchmark in our own production!

For more information, contact gallery @

Gustav Klimt folio cover
Gustav Klimt folio cover


The Resurrection of Christopher Carrion
The Resurrection of Christopher Carrion

18 x 22 inches
Signed and numbered by Clive Barker
Limited edition of only 40

  • New ultra-high resolution image capture
  • Blindstamped with the Century Guild and Transmission Atelier logos
  • Published on boutique heavyweight high gloss/ low glare silver paper
  • Completely archival inks and paper
  • Printed in superior resolution
  • Painstakingly color matched to the original
  • The definitive collection of Clive Barker artworks

The Resurrection of Christopher Carrion: an epic scenario of chaos and triumph. Terrifying and transcendent.


These extremely limited and important editions will be released on the 13th of every month at Noon PST at


Jim Kay of Transmission Atelier color-matching in multiple conditions Jim Kay of Transmission Atelier carefully color-matching in multiple conditions